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Iron Ant

The Iron Ant is a must have for rental operations and landscapers. Designed to move compactor plates on and off trucks the Iron Ant can also be used to move them around a job site. Landscapers will appreciate its versatility for moving just about anything that needs to be lifted such as landscape rocks, tree balls, and even pavers. Easy to use, two high torque drills (not included) power the shafts providing full four-wheel drive and skid steer like operation.

  • Designed to move compactors plates onto truck then to desired location at the construction site
  • Or move anything that can be lifted such as landscape rocks, tree balls, various building materials
  • Requires two high torque cordless drills (NOT INCLUDED)
Iron Ant IA30
Capacity (lbs) 1,200
Lifting Height 44”
Lifting Width 30”
Dimensions (WLH) 47.5 x 45 x 56.5”
Unit Weight (lbs) 280


Pallet Fork Attachment

  • Ideal attachment for lifting small pallets and other items designed for use with pallet forks.
  • Lifting Capacity 600 lbs.
  • Tine spacing 17” or 18” centers
  • Tine height 2”
  • Dimensions (WLH) 18 x 33 x 37”
  • Unit weight 40 lbs.