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Stump Grinder - Swing Models

Take it for a Spin

Adding to its professional line of land management tools, Reist introduces the Dominator series of Stump Grinders including a direct drive and a swing arm model.

Reist’s swing arm model utilizes a 25" rotor optimized to cut in one direction. Equipped with an adjustable flow control, the return speed of the arm can be adjusted to suit any operating condition or operators experience level.

The R25PS requires two remotes, one to adjust the height of the arm and one to swing it along its 55 degree arc. For tractors with only one remote, the R25PSV adds a valve on an ergonomically adjustable arm to control the hydraulic functions.

Compatible with Cat I & II 3PH’s, Dominator stump grinders are also compatible with Quick Hitches. The frame incorporates two pads which provide firm footing on uneven ground eliminating deflection of the frame.

Stump Grinder Specs. R25PSS R25PSV
Recommended PTO HP 25-80 HP 25-80 HP
PTO (input speed) 540 RPM 540 RPM
Rotor Size 25" 25"
Tooth Construction Carbide Bolt into Pocket
(Indexable 3x)
Number of teeth 18 18
Cutting Wheel Speed 1,026 RPM 1,026 RPM
Cutting Height (above grade) 20" 20"
Cutting Height (below grade) 6" 6"
Cutting Depth (per pass) 2.25" 2.25"
Cutting Width (per pass) 22" 22"
Swing Arc 55° 55°
Protection Slip Clutch Slip Clutch
Hitch Cat I & II Cat I & II
Quick Hitch Compatible Yes Yes
Hydraulic Remotes Required 2 1
Hydraulic Valve Option N/A Yes
Weight (shipping) 950 lbs. 950 lbs.
Length (shipping) 42" 42"
Width (shipping) 72" 72"


Gear Box

Three Point Hitch swing type grinders utilize 1:1.9 ration gear box accelerating the flange mounted rotor to 1,026 RPMs.


The uniquely shaped rotor is flange mounted to the drive line. This allows for easy removal of the rotor should it be required for maintenance.

Carbide Teeth

Dominator stump grinders use Wearsharp® teeth. The round design of the tooth and a triangular base allows it to be indexed 3 times for extended life.

HDPE Deflector

Made with high density polyethylene, the deflector stands up to abuse regardless of the air temperature all while containing debris from the stump.

Cutting Depth Gauge

An easy to read gauge helps operators determine the cutting depth.


Hydraulic Valve

The addition of an optional valve on an ergonomically adjustable arm, provides both lift and swing functions for tractors with one hydraulic remote.

Debris Screen

  • 10' wide by 5' tall
  • Includes 4 posts with integrated ground spikes
  • Used in areas where debris from the stump grinder needs to be contained