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Reist 60", 72", & 96" AeraSeeder

The Reist 3PH mounted AeraSeeder is the tool for the discerning professional who demands quality in groundskeeping and ease of use for rental application.

  • The AeraSeeder was designed with efficiency in mind
  • Internal agitator and bearing assembly deliver a smooth, constant seed flow
  • The seed rate is achieved through an innovative locking knob adjustment control, allowing for maximum seed-spread accuracy
  • The seed flow is turned on and off by a manual or hydraulic lever mechanism
  • The tandem rollers oscillate 30 degrees on a pivot, allowing for consistent ground contact on rolling terrain
  • The double-spiked rollers will leave over 1700 perforations per square yard
Aeraseeder AOSCS60 AOSCS72 AOSCS96
Width 69” 81” 105”
Seeding Width 60” 72” 96”
Weight (lbs) 1,020 1,185 1,400
Seed Bin Capacity (Bushels) 10 12 16


Front Cone & Rear Smooth

  • Application: primary seeding & overseeding

Front Cone & Rear Cone

  • Application: Overseeding
  • Plant grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf, or the soil
  • Leave over 1,700 perforations per square yard

Front Knife & Rear Knife

  • Application: Overseeding & root slicing
  • Plant grass seed directly into existing turf

Rear Spiked Roller Extension (72 & 96)

  • Extends rear-spiked roller and brush back 7” for optimum ground contact and smoother operation
  • Stand-on platform for easy loading of hopper

45-Pound Weight

  • Suitcase style weight

Manual Seed Slide Shut-Off

  • Comes standard with hydraulic shut off
  • Manual shut off is for tractors without hydraulic remotes

Tool Bar - Two 72" AeraSeeders

  • CAT II Hitch
  • Hydraulic control for seed slide opener

Tool Bar - Three 72" AeraSeeders

  • CAT II Hitch
  • Hydraulic control for seed slide opener